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Save Your Clients Money

While Improving Your Margins

Technology is changing the way people invest.

Intermediary platforms such as Roboadvisors make it simple for small investors to purchase mutual funds or ETFs at a very low cost and with minimal annual management fees, without the need of an advisor.

This has created a strong demand for wealth managers and IFAs to offer additional valued added services to stand out from the crowd.

The Robur Terminal makes it easy for wealth managers to build and track tailored individual stock portfolios for their clients

Save your clients commission fees, improve their annual returns and make them feel unique by offering them something not out of the box

Why Robur?

As fees become more transparent it is understandable why retail clients are not always happy with paying someone to advise them to invest in a product which in turn incurs fees, especially when absolute returns on mutual funds are often difficult to compute.

Robur makes it simple to discover and research stocks based on their fundamental performance. By purchasing stocks based on their fundamental performance not only do you get better returns over the long run, but there is always a record of due diligence

Save your clients over 1% a year in fees!

So How Does It Work?

Firstly the terminal analyses the 5 year financial health and trends of each individual stock. It is looking for companies who are doing things that, as investors, we like such as consitently growing profits, shareholder equity, yield etc - there are a few hundred data points we analse for each stock.

Often, companies who are consistently financially strong have these shareholder expectations built into their share price. Therefore the second round of analysis the terminal performs is comparing the current share price to a wide range of valuation metrics such as the net asset value per share, P/E, P/FCF, etc

This allows us to build a final "Robur Score" for each company. This score is a valuation out of 100, the higher the figure the stronger the investment case.

The Terminal will rank these companies based on top to bottom performing, saving you valuable time and effort in research and due diligence. Our motto is "compare, analyse, invest", and the Terminal allows you to do just that.

Fundamental investing is not difficult, but it is time consuming - a problem we solve for you. The Terminal has been designed with user experience in mind, making it very simple to use and with a minimal learning curve.

schedule an on site demo

We would like to show you how the Robur Terminal can help you offer something unique to your clients.

If you are based in the UK we are happy to visit you for a no pressure demo to show you exactly what Robur can do for you.

If That Isn't Enough Then Read Below

Follow Our Model Funds

Included in the Terminal is access to our model funds. We maintain 3 different low risk, high yield portfolios for you to follow

Leverage our research experties and build your own funds or mimic our investment strategies for our clients without paying mutual fund fees