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Hang Lung Properties Hong Kong
Osram Licht Germany
Berkeley Group UK
Goodman New Zealand
Silverlake Axis Singapore
Schlumberger USA
Uniqa Group Austria
Orix Corporation Japan
Big Yellow UK
Toyo Tires Japan

"In God We Trust, Everyone Else, Bring Data"

- Michael Bloomberg

Stock picking and investing tools

Cost effective professional grade investment tools and data for Fund Managers, IFAs and HNWI. Find top performing stocks, perform fundamental due diligence and measure transparent portfolio performance with minimal learning curve.

The Robur Terminal - No installation. No downloads. Pick great stocks to invest in based on solid fundamental and financial data, all for a cost effective monthly subscription. Find out more below.

Step 1 - Generate Investment Ideas

stock screener

Fundamental Stock Screener

Developing buy ideas can prove to be one of the most difficult tasks facing investors

The Robur fundamental stock screener not only assists you in researching countries and sectors, but also automatically ranks companies based on their 5 year fundamental performance

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Step 2 - Understand Company Financial Performance

company financials

Indepth Company Financials

Perform in-depth financial due diligence with the individual company page

After narrowing down the scope of securities you may be interested in purchasing, the individual page allows you to perform proper fundamental due diligence, saving you time and money

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Step 3 - Track Your Portfolio

stock screener

Portfolio Management Tool

Accurately measure portfolio returns against indexes and currency fluctations

Our portfolio tool not only measures overall portfolio performance and expected annual net dividends. It also measures your performance against beta and taking into account currency fluctuations.

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Compare, analyse, invest. Built by investors, for investors

The Robur Score

Each company is given an overall score out of 100%. View our case studies at the bottom of this page to see some of our top performers.

Robur score

Why The Robur Score?

We apply strict criteria to the companies that make it into our database. This to ensure that companies considered high risk i.e. penny stocks or companies with limited financial history are excluded

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Accurate Data

We pride ourselves on delivering highly accurate investment grade data using a method of manual and automated quality control processes.
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Robur Score

Suitable For

Institutional Investors

Build a sustainable long term portfolios

Generate investment ideas

Fully transparent portfolio performance


Manage multiple clients' portfolios

Full due diligence track record

Make sensible investment decisions

Equity Analysts

Standardised data makes analysis simple

Access full year earnings' forecasts

Cost effective research platform

Global Coverage

We cover all major global indexes. Check out the interactive map below

Robur has all the tools you need

With a 30 day free trial and no credit card needed, what are you waiting for?

  • Preset Screeners

    Looking for income, capital gains, undervalued companies or GARP stocks? Our preset screeners will help you quickly identify stocks that meet our strict preset criteria

    Preset Screeners
  • Value Filters

    Our value filters offer a wide range option. Find companies trading below their net asset per share, filter companies on their PEG, graham multiplier, BVPS and many more

    Value Filters
  • Robur Score

    Our unique Robur Scoring methods grades and ranks stocks based on their 5 year fundamental performance. To read about how the Robur Score works, please visit this PAGE

    Robur Scoring
  • Measure Performance

    The portfolio tool measures overall performance against beta and currency exchange flucatuations. Find out if you really are beating the index by getting an accurate measure of your alpha

    Measure Performance
  • Save Time

    The Robur Terminal has been set up to handle all your equity investing needs. We do all the time consuming data aggregation and collation, leaving you more time for analysis

    Save Time
  • Helpful Support

    Our dedicated support team are happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have

    Helpful Support

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Compare, analyse, invest. Built for investors, by investors


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