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Designed by practising value investors, the Robur stock screener will assist you in finding top performing companies, whether you are looking for dividends, capital gains or both.

Quickly and easily select stocks based on key metrics like share price, market cap, P/E ratio, dividend yield and more.

The Robur Stock Screener

  • Generate investment ideas based on long term company performance, not hype
  • Find undervalued companies
  • Discover quality high yield stocks
  • Use the Robur Score to rank companies based on their 5yr performance
  • Apply our many filters to find companies that match your investment criteria
  • Build a long term sustainable portfolio
  • Download your research and findings in excel or CSV format

We want you to be among our happy investors, which is why we offer a full 14 day free trial with no obligations and no credit card needed

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Take your Investing to the Next Level

  • Search by Country or Sector
  • Advanced Valuation Filters
  • Multiple Display & Criteria Options
  • Many Pre-Programmed Stock Filters
  • Build a wish list
  • Record and take down notes

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Case Studies

Below are a few examples of successful stock picks from the Robur Terminal

  • shi mao
  • hannover
  • macquaire
  • Timeframe 2.5 months. Gains +32.94%

    During the China and Hong Kong stock market correction in September 2015 we believed that there were companies for sale which had been oversold by investors, significantly undervaluing them. With this in mind we searched for companies with strong fundamentals, excellent dividend track record (Shimao consistently pay a 5% yield) and who's stock price we thought appeared 'cheap'

    Shimao Property, Hong Kong
  • Timeframe 30 months. Gains +97.85%

    Although they can sometimes be difficult to value, we like insurance companies due to the nature of their business. You are unlikely to see wild swings in shareprice and they normally offer a decent dividend. Hannover is oen of the largest reinsurers, and during the eurozone recesssion in middle to late 2013 to liked their fundamentals and strong business moat

    Hannover Re, Germany
  • Timeframe 38 month. Gains +154.13%

    Totally forgotten why we bought this

    Macquirie Group, Australia

Of course not all stock selections go as planned. As with all investors we have made decisions in the past that have not gone our way. The difference is that with proper fundamental research you can choose companies that outperform the index over the long term

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